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What My Clients Are Saying


"Lana has helped me with quite a few sticking points in my journey. I have a collection of essence blends that we have put together, that tell the story of my recent life.

I always feel very much a part of the selection process, but also that the blend is made with Lana's encyclopedia of knowledge, combined with my openness and honesty. I feel totally at ease in her company and the consultations have been a joy." 

- Kate Fitness, Homeopath, Auckland New Zealand

“Lana, every time I walk away from a session with you I feel that I have been heard, I feel understood and I feel healing is taking place. You have an incredible way of tracking to the root of a problem and your wisdom is one that is fierce and gentle at the same time.... I think that is a gift of a true healer. The intuitive use of your 'healers toolbox' is another real asset of yours, I have easily trusted your advice and I am so grateful to have experienced the benefits of your knowledge." 

- B.E.


"Lana has made a bottle of flower essences for each of my children and the results have been amazing. My 11 year old daughter has always suffered from homesickness and anxiety when away from me for too long. It has stopped her from having some fabulous experiences. Recently an opportunity came up for her to spend a week away at a sport camp, she desperately wanted to go but refused because of her anxiety about being homesick. She agreed to try the flower essences. She took them over the weekend before and the Monday night of the trip. I was expecting a call to come and collect her (as this usually happens) but we heard nothing. When I picked her up on the Friday she said that she had stopped taking the flower essences half way through the week as she hadn’t needed them. She hadn’t had any anxiety or homesickness at all. This was huge – at 11 years old she had NEVER spent more than one night away, not even at grandparents’. Flower essences are so simple yet surprisingly powerful and Lana has been spot on every time with exactly the right mixture."

- Sarah and Molly Brenchley


"Lana has supported and guided me on numerous occasions on my spiritual and emotional journey. With her wide knowledge of the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®, she instinctively knows what I need at any given time, allowing her to formulate an accurate and deeply healing essence. She is a positive, confident and extremely intuitive practitioner and I would not hesitate to recommend her to clients, colleagues, friends and family."  

- Rochelle Bailey, Naturopath, Auckland New Zealand


"It was a pivotal moment in our business and I was unclear on which way to go…

I met with Lana for a reading that really helped to clarify what was important to me. The flower essences that Lana created for me based on the reading then helped to deepen my awareness of what was next. That clarity made all the difference and found that the ‘barriers’ to action fell away and I felt empowered in my decision making.

Lana is extraordinarily intuitive and I’m extremely grateful for the insight and guidance I gained - it was without doubt, the right decision." 

- Lisa B, Auckland New Zealand

“I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from working with Lana. She has this innate ability to put the pieces of the puzzle together and grasp the bigger picture of my presented issues and beyond. During her readings, I have felt very seen and understood by her and thus gained clarity and support from what I was seeking help with which resulted in either peace and/or resolution. Lana is on a path of understanding the Mystery like only few on this Earth nowadays can walk. I trust her wholeheartedly and I highly recommend working with her talent and grace to restore your rightful state between Spirit and matter." 

- Schirin, Germany/USA


"When I heard about the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® experience, I must confess my initial reaction was wariness. In a life that has included numerous adventures in personal growth retreats and spiritual explorations with practitioners, I have developed a bit of a triage system based on what I perceive to be the credibility and genuine-ness of both content and practitioner.


However there was something intriguing about the Hypnotique Protocol® that I had not encountered before. Therefore I committed to the full course of 9 sessions with Lana. What I discovered resonated deeply within me, and is still unfolding through some profound shifts in awareness and clarity.


At the start, guided by Lana, I quickly realised what outcome I would like to target, based on a persistent and ongoing personal struggle.


Each time I arrived for the session, I felt secure and excited, if uncertain what I was about to experience. But as the sessions progressed, I felt progressively more held and emboldened to relax and go deep, knowing that I would be guided by someone who holds space masterfully and yet sensitively. What I most enjoyed about these sessions was the consistent structure, which then created a springboard for some extraordinarily deep discovery and delving into what I would confidently call my soul story.


With every meeting, Lana firmly guided me down through layers of awareness and consciousness, removing blocks and revealing lessons that will remain relevant for the rest of my life. As a result, I feel I emerged with more confidence in myself and more clarity around the issues that I feel have held me back for decades.


I have no hesitation in recommending the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® Soul Retrieval programme with Lana Raill to anyone who is seeking clarity or empowerment with their life. What you will experience is deep, real, mysterious and potentially life-changing." 

- J. Beale, Business Strategist and Coach, Auckland New Zealand

"I was recently a client with Lana in the Hypnotique Esoteric Hypnosis journey. From the outset Lana instilled confidence in her ability to guide me through the process. Everything was explained to me and I felt comfortable and at ease with Lana as the guide. I was surprised how easy it was to fall into a light hypnotic state and more often than not I found that I didn't really want to 'come back'. 


Some of the sessions were quite confronting and emotional but resolution through the process was effective and I know I managed to rewrite many stories. I have a much stronger connection with my soul story now and feel confident to move forward in a more soulful and purposeful way."

​​Anne Elliott, Manawatu New Zealand

"I started seeing Lana for Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® sessions with the intention to gain more knowledge of my past soul journey and to let go of things that were holding me back from achieving my goals and being happy in life.

There were some challenging times where I needed to address my fears and move beyond them, and Lana was very good with guiding me through these with confidence and groundedness. I felt like she was very patient and respectful of my needs, which is important for me when doing deep inner soul work.

Lana has helped me develop a better understanding of who I truly am and how I can move forward in my spiritual journey with a greater sense of courage and strength.

The Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnosis programme is an amazing experience and I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to have Lana’s support for my personal development and I highly recommend her as a Hypnotique Protocol® practitioner." 

- Rochelle Bailey, Naturopath, Auckland New Zealand

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