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The Ancient Language of Symbols 


​"A year or two before my dad's terminal illness you told me things are going to get tough but I'll be building new "spiritual muscles".

That line got me through and helped like I can't explain.

I've passed on your wise words to others."

- Colleen, Nelson NZ

Tarot cards have been used for hundreds of years as a tool to assist people in understanding and navigating their way through life. Using archetypal images and symbols, the Tarot provides many clues, insights and key information as to how we can best live our lives by gaining self mastery to help us fulfil our highest potential.


The Tarot is a symbolic system of images depicted in the 22 major arcana cards that embody 22 archetypal soul lessons that every person will experience throughout their life to some degree or other. The word 'arcana' means secrets or mysteries and is a reference to the hidden meanings that are embodied in the symbolism of the cards.


The 56 cards of the minor or lesser arcana bring the lessons or themes of the 22 major arcana cards into the elemental realms of the 4 elements, represented by the suits of wands/staves (fire), cups (water), swords (air) and pentacles/disks (earth).

The minor arcana cards, their symbols and qualities represent how these energies express through us in our everyday lives and the form these expressions can take. The minor arcana help us to understand the nature of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies at work in the world. 


Unlocking the secrets and meanings contained in the Tarot is done through interpretation of the nuances of each card's symbols and images as they apply to the individual who is being read for. The Tarot is a powerful transformational tool that can be used to determine the nature of a situation or event and help us to plot a new course, discern what actions to take and how to best manage ourselves as we navigate life.

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