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Shamanic Soul Coaching

HypnoSuccess® Master Keys to Success©


“When we unlock the door to the soul’s true potential we create deep and lasting changes in the subconscious and unconscious aspects of the mind and in the life

that in turn leads to true success.”

- Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Creator of HypnoSuccess Soul Coach® Master Keys to Success©

What is the HypnoSuccess® Soul Coaching all about?

HypnoSuccess® Master Keys to Success© is a powerful, holistic soul coaching program that works directly with your soul to help you make positive and lasting changes in your life. 

Unlike mainstream coaching which focuses on the personality and its goals, the HypnoSuccess® Master Keys to Success© unlocks your soul's creative power to help you achieve your deepest goals, experience true success and live your most authentic life. 

HypnoSuccess® Master Keys to Success© soul coaching you can:

  • Make soul-based decisions to create a more authentic life that is rooted in who you truly are

  • Maximise opportunities for growth and success

  • Live a more meaningful and soul-filled life every day

  • Discover the innate resources and qualities you already possess that will help you in any situation 

  • Set and achieve goals that are truly aligned with your soul's purpose 

  • Create a deep and lasting relationship with your soul, the real creator of your life 

  • And much more..

The Soul - our true individuality and a source of true power

HypnoSuccess® Master Keys to Success© life coaching for the soul programs

Whether you want to focus on a specific goal, move beyond limiting beliefs or if you are wanting to optimise your performance levels so that you can live a more authentic and expansive life, HypnoSuccess® Master Keys to Success© can help!


There are a number of options to choose from depending on what you want to achieve: 

Master Keys for Life©

Over the five session program we will identify your soul's five unique Master Keys that will unlock the power of your soul so you can walk through life feeling empowered and equipped to meet any situation and bring your most authentic self to life.

Master Keys for Growth©
In this Eight session program we will identify the eight unique keys that are qualities that your soul most needs to help you achieve a specific goal and grow and expand your capacity.


Master Keys to Success© 

These single sessions are ideal for when you're at a crossroads in your life and need to choose between options, or if you want to understand what the main lessons your soul is here to learn and master.

If you have questions about the HypnoSuccess® Master Keys to Success© and would like to discuss which option or program is right for you and your situation book a free 15 minute Connection Call with Lana by clicking on the link below.

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