Tarot Reading at Events

tarot reader for events

"Thank you Lana for an incredible evening.

What a wonderful addition to the hens evening and each and every guest there enjoyed meeting you. We had such a diverse group of amazing woman there that night and you were able to touch on relevant, meaningful moments for each of us. You went well over the time we had booked you for and at no point you showed concern with this.

You wanted to ensure each of us had an opportunity to meet with you.

I cannot recommend you enough.

Thank you again for such a wonderful night." 
Rachel D.

Are you planning an event and would like a Tarot Reader to provide card readings for your guests? Tarot reading is a great way to create a memorable, fun and insightful experience for your guests. It's a great way to engage people and get them talking. 

I am available to read at events such as Hen's parties, birthday parties, festivals and more. If it's a themed party, even better! Please contact me for pricing. I offer a discounted hourly rate available for 3 + hours of continued service.