Work with Lana to help you tap into your innate gifts so you can 

step more fully into your power and live your destined life.

Lana will help you to:

  • Gain insights into what your soul’s unique purpose is

  • Find out how you can live your destined life

  • Get clarity around some of your most pressing questions

  • Feel empowered to make strong choices for your life

  • Tap into your inner wisdom and deep spiritual reserves

  • Discover what your natural strengths and abilities are 

  • Create your life from a more conscious place

Lana loves working with people who are committed to

discovering their inner gifts; who want to find out what

is keeping them stuck in old limiting patterns; who are prepared to

do what it takes to work through these old patterns and take their

destiny into their own hands.


“I have over 20 years’ experience helping people through personal Tarot and Astrology readings and flower essences.

I’m passionate about supporting you on your journey of discovery and growth as you come to know yourself in an exciting new way.

Our time together is a special conversation, an opportunity to dive deeply into the intuitive wisdom that you carry within you.” - Lana Raill

Navigating your way through life's labyrinthine twists and turns is a wonderful and wild journey....

Living your destiny is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself and the world.

Powerful forces conspired to bring you here at a very specific time so you could fulfill a role on Earth that only YOU can do.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from working with Lana.

She has this innate ability to put the pieces of the puzzle together and grasp the bigger picture of my presented issues and beyond.

During her readings, I have felt very seen and understood by her and thus gained clarity and support from what I was seeking help with which resulted in either peace and/or resolution.

Lana is on a path of understanding the Mystery like only few on this Earth nowadays can walk.

I trust her wholeheartedly and I highly recommend working with her talent and grace to restore your rightful state between Spirit and matter."

-Schirin, Germany/USA